CASE Study : How Atlassian using data to engage potential hires

Atlassian Japanese branch office in Marinos Town1

About Atlassian

Atlassian is a global software company that makes software applications for collaborations like Trello, Stride, and Jira. Their products have become essential for any business for collaboration amongst teams.

Any company’s success must be attributed to the entire team. Atlassian made it their mission to unleash the potential for every team with their Diversity & Inclusion initiative. Under this program, they empower their teams by hiring employees from various cultural and ethnical backgrounds.

Ethnically diverse teams and their impact on the organization

According to the Credit Suisse Research Institute, increased diversity on the boards of corporates leads to better performing businesses. Another study conducted by Scott E. Page of the University of Michigan concluded that when a group of individuals with a varied set of perspectives meet, there is a visible gain in the group decision making and intelligence.

Atlassian identified that their teams have the potential of being more diverse and changed their recruitment strategy to reflect the same. Their recruitment marketing and branding efforts included various pictures of people from different ethnic groups to inspire employees from all backgrounds to apply.

They further included the benefits that they provide their employees like career growth opportunities, volunteer leaves, comprehensive healthcare, etc. This resonated with their target employees as the company was not only a perceived as a great place to work, but also shared the same beliefs as the employees.

How Atlassian changed it’s strategies

Atlassian even changed the way they advertise their jobs to attract a wide pool of candidates. This was done in response to a research from HP that concluded that a majority of women don’t apply for a position until they think that they will satisfy all of the listed criteria. However, most men would apply even if they met 60% of the requirements.

The above study is a great example of how corporates have evolved and how companies need to redo their hiring strategies to ensure they get the right talent.

Our Experience

We at Authentic Staffing Agency strongly believe in Equal Opportunities and hiring culturally diverse talent. With our Payroll and Attendance management software – AARAMBH we are now also developing automated hiring software that makes recruitment more diverse.

With the new technological advances, industries need to keep up. Authentic Staffing Agency constantly endeavours to employ new techniques and technologies to simplify hiring, as well as help clients, find the perfect talent from a pool of shortlisted candidates.