Expanding Into A New Region

Case Studies

Expanding Into A New Region

Hiring a candidate requires numerous factors to be considered. Most important of which is the geographical location. Whenever a company is hiring, they prefer local employees for a lot of reasons. 

This is a challenge that is faced by almost all multinationals when they expand. We understand this extremely well and strive to source candidates who are a perfect cultural fit not only to the organization, but also to the geographical location.


The Challenge

A German Listed Company wanted to set up a plant in Manjusar GIDC. They were looking for reliable partners who would help them set up the plant by forming HR Policies and recruit manpower on all levels from Engineers to Shop Floor Heads, including department heads.

The Solution

We provided them all their services and formed policies that enabled the company to increase their output significantly.

The Impact

The productivity of the plant became so efficient that the parent company made the decision to shift their entire global production from China to India.