Transforming a Loss Making Unit

Case Studies

Transforming a Loss Making Unit

Employees are the most vital asset for any organinzation. Having the right person for the right job can be instrumental in the success of the company. Take a look at this case study where we transformed a loss making unit to a profitable one by hiring the right people for the right job.


The Challenge

In 2016, we were approached by the management of a multinational listed on the European Stock Exchange to help them restructure their loss making unit with the size of 22 acre land and 300 employees.

The Solution

 After our involvement, we helped the client to set up their entire production, engineering, as well as sales unit and within three years loss making company was converted into a profit making unit plus they started another manufacturing unit with the help of ASA team.

The Impact

After 4 years of association with the company, we are glad to see our client growing 100% post our involvement with them in 4 years.