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6 ways to check-in with new recruits and boost retention

Companies regularly hire candidates, and most companies have a vigorous hiring process beginning at the shortlisting of candidates and then conducting various rounds of interviews. However, in our experience, once the employee is hired, companies, or rather managers, do not have a set process to see if the new hire is doing well and adjusting to the culture.
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CASE Study : How Atlassian using data to engage potential hires

Atlassian is a global software company that makes software applications for collaborations like Trello, Stride, and Jira. Their products have become essential for any business for collaboration amongst teams. Any company’s success must be attributed to the entire team. Atlassian made it their mission to unleash the potential for every team with their Diversity & Inclusion initiative. Under this program, they empower their teams by hiring employees from various cultural and ethnical backgrounds.
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Employee Retention

Attrition is an issue that every organization, big or small must deal with. Attrition, to an extent, is good. You want your below-average performers to leave and make a place for new employees that can be a better fit for the organization, increasing your productivity.
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Impact of Covid-19 Globally

Impact of Covid-19 on the HR Industry

No one ever dream of this – not in their worst nightmares. A time where people will be forced to remain in their homes and stay there for months on end to stop an invisible force that threatened all of humanity. Some Hollywood movies had stories that resembled this scenario, but it was all written off as fiction until the worst came true. December 2019 – a month that will forever remain in the history of mankind as the beginning of the largest pandemics we as a species ever faced.
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