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What is workplace culture?

A positive workplace culture is a mythical place for most people. If you have ever interacted with an employee from a large organization or have worked at one, you would be familiar with the concept of positive workplace culture. It is a jargon that corporations like to use frequently, often to entice prospects into joining the company.

However, the reality is that positive workplace culture has numerous benefits. It has the potential to make or break the company. An encouraging and positive workplace has a tremendously positive impact on the company image. Just as a negative workplace culture can drive retention rates to the ground, a positive culture will only see your retention numbers soar.

The definition of workplace culture

The definition of workplace culture is “a set of basic assumptions and ideas that are held by the employees of the organization which influence their workplace behaviour.”

Basically, it is “how things are done” at a company. Every company has a collective set of attitudes, unwritten rules, and routines that constitute its unique workplace culture. One of the best indicators of the workplace culture of a company is how the employees handle problems, interact with each other, and how they do their work daily. It is the consistent method of performing tasks and interacting with people that define a company’s culture.

From the perspective of the management, setting the right culture plays a vital role. The sooner the culture is set, the easier and better it becomes for others to follow.

Why is workplace culture important?

The workplace is where we spend the better part of the day. Considering the amount of time people spend there, it is imperative to have an encouraging, fun filled work environment that fosters creativity and positive attitude.

Every employee looks forward to their first day of joining. They are excited to join a new office culture. They expect it to be different and joyful. A lively office is a proven way to increase retention. Who would want to leave a job where they have fun working?

However, workplace cultures are quite intricate and at times contradictory, which is why it requires a lot of time and effort from the management.

Workplace culture and it's direct advantages

A survey found that more than 70% of workers are influenced by the corporate culture of a company before they decide to join.

The culture has a direct correlation with the retention rates. Better the culture, the longer employees would want to stay before considering a switch. Statistically, lack of engagement is the biggest reason for declining retention rates, and it affects performers and under-performers alike.

However, the most common mistakes mangers make while setting up a workplace culture is trying to implement a lot of rules and regulations. This is counter productive in majority of cases. Instead of having a positive mindset, employees will begin living in fear of breaking the rules, which hinders their productivity and creativity, not to mention the negative impact on their mindset.

Setting up the right workplace culture

So how do you setup a good culture? Studies have shown that having clear values and setting the right goals, missions, and vision have the best impact. The management needs to have a list of non-negotiables which everyone should have in mind, and at the same time, have some leeway for the employees so that they can enjoy the freedom.

Basically, the employees should have all the freedom they need within a set framework that ensures discipline and productivity. Setting up the right culture takes time, but in the long run, it helps you reap immense benefits in terms of employee morale, productivity, retention, and a great company image.

The workplace culture at Authentic Staffing Agency

At Authentic Staffing Agency, we place paramount importance on having a workplace culture that is lively and thriving. We encourage all our employees to explore their potential and become the best version of themselves. The constant positive encouragement and guidance has resulted in multiple tangible and intangible benefits to both our employees and the company.

We have culture that provides numerous opportunities to learn and innovate – we encourage employees to push the envelope. We take pride in our transparent communication where everyone has the freedom to speak whatever is on their mind. This transparency results in clear understanding of our firm goals and a trust and bonding that only increases productivity in the long run.

We firmly believe in gender equality and have diversity in hiring employees. Every employee brings a unique perspective into the business. We are a happy group of individuals that have decided to work together and achieve common goals through different paths. Working at Authentic Staffing Agency is as joyful as it is rewarding and educative.

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