A Peek Into Our Company

At Authentic Staffing Agency, we place a lot of importance in our assets – our employees. They are our backbone and have been instrumental in helping ASA reach where we are today. We have regular events at ASA that help engage our employees. We want the workplace to be fun as well as provide a learning platform for our assets to grow. We are delighted to share those moments with you. Take a look.

Clients Presentations

With our new software AARAMBH – our clients have reduced their payroll processing time by a huge margin. The whole process is now quick, efficient, and error-free. We regularly conduct sessions to train our clients’ employees on how to use the software the right way and save time. 

Understanding Oneself

Understanding oneself is a thinking skill that focuses on a employees ability to accurately judge their own performance and behaviour and to respond appropriately to different social situations.

It helped our team recognize stress and when they’re under pressure. The activity helped them develop a more effective communication and interpersonal relationships and develop empathy with others.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Making the right decisions is an important skills. Any decision, small or big, has an impact on the organizations. This workshop was conducted to help understand how employees should take big or small decisions to solve problems on a day to day basis.

After conducting the workshop, the employees felt confident in taking decisions. They also factored in the consequences in great detail to actually understand the impact of the decision once they made it.  The workshop really helped them develop the skills that are vital for their professional career as well as the organization.

Passing The Emotions

Whether we accept it or not, emotions play a vital role at the workplace. Being in a stable mindset emotionally has a positive impact on your work. At the same time, negativity does hinder work. 

The workshop was conducted to teach the employees about how to manage their emotions and handle them properly.

Once the activity was done, the employees felt that they could communicate a lot more effectively with non-verbal cues which is immensely important in any communication. 


Company Visits