Payroll Software – Aarambh

Payroll Software – Aarambh

We have recently launched our own payroll software that ensures smooth payroll as well as Leave Management System and also keep the employees aware of all updations. It will give transparency between employees, principal employer and ASA.

Employees can maintain their professional profile having all required details which can be visible to Principal Employer as well as ASA. They can apply for Leave, Comp Off and Holiday and can have record of the same along with the access of their salary slips every month. Same is beneficial to Principal Employers as they will have access on every month’s payroll and can get data as & when required and also will have authority to approve or reject leaves of employees and can have record of leave balance available. We can get all the Registers & reports whenever required for every month necessary for compliance.

Payroll Software gives 100% transparency between Employees, Principal Employer and ASA. Employee can login into our system and access any month’s information as & when required. Not only that one login ID is also given to our Client to access all the data of our TPC associates whenever required. It can be accessed from any corner of Globe.

We assure to run the entire payroll cycle starting from Sourcing of employees, Joining Formalities, Performance Management, Training, Compliance, Salary Management, Replacement till FnF.



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